A child without education, is like a bird without wings. ClassIQ Educational Foundation is a platform which is completely based on MERITOCRACY irrespective of region, cast,  current family situation of student or any other parameters. It’s an open platform for students not only to showcase their talent & skills but also to identify them.We are  “Simplifying School Education through Activity & Skill Based Learning  Methodology”. The team has been training & mentoring students of schools on various topics specially crafted to identify the niche skill set possessed by  individual students & guide them in their career path ahead.

We believe, if knowledge and interaction go hand in hand, there is no better way to achieve an improved and advanced livelihood. We ClassIQ Educational Foundation are a non-profit organisation, aiming to bring in reality what we believe in. We have discussed and agreed upon certain points, working on which will lead us towards the achievement of our aim:

  • Presenting an individual (Grooming)
  • Self- Confidence.
  • Self Esteem
  • Merit Issue.

Our Team