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Let us introduce ourselves

About ClassIQ

We would like to introduce ClassIQ Educational Foundation as an Educational Start up which helps the students to find and nurture the hidden talents of the students and provide them a suitable platform to show their talents. Our mission is to serve as many of the lives of the students so that we can empower the students not only in the field of academics but also in the curricular activities in which they have immense passion. After a successful survey among the students basically from the rural and semi urban schools of our state, we found out that there are some alarming scenes which are affecting the process of our education system. The most alarming reasons were the school dropout rates among the students and the affinity towards drugs in a very tender age of the school students. So we developed a fun learning curriculum for the students to grow their interests in the subjects as well as introduced some competitions among themselves so that they can have a dream to lead their lives in the future. We introduced Activity Based Learning (ABL) and Skill Based Learning method in the curriculum to make this more activity based so that students do not have to memorize the things but they can enjoy the things by having different kinds of activities taking place in the classrooms and fulfilling the aim of us which is to share the knowledge among the students. The other most serious reason for the dropping out of the schools was the lack of enthusiasm to attend the schools as most of students join their fathers’ occupation or join some earning profession to help their families and thus leaving the school mid way.

We have also implemented Skill Based Learning (SBL) in it so that they can be skilled as well as possible to be the industry ready and having the knowledge of choosing the right path of careers to be successful in the future. We started our pilot run in January 2016 in the schools of South 24 Parganas and Nadia with the vision of
1. Overall development of the students
2. Decrease school dropout rates
3. Decrease affinity towards drugs
4. Empowerment of girls’

Apart from the ABL and SBL, we have also introduced the Sports activities in the form of Guided Sports Activity (GSA) under the guidance of Sri Gautam Sarkar ( Form Indian National Football team Captain) and Smt. Soma Biswas (Arjuna Awarded Athlete) to keep the students both physically and mentally fit and allow them to show their talents in this field so that our state can produce new talents in the field of sports in near future. The students are being guided in the past year by our mentors and their teams and we will be engaging more amount of students into different sports activities in next year.

We also devoted our services in the field of Cultural activity classes with the help of renowned Film maker and Social Activist Smt. Satarupa Sanyal. ClassIQ along with Scud Society for Social Communication has been arranging cultural activity classes per week in the schools to bring interest in cultural activities among the students. We along with our mentor are trying to find the hidden talents among the students and guide them in a proper way so that they can achieve their goals in certain fields. We also provide video presentation on different types of cultural activities in the schools so that students can grow their interests in it. We would like to highlight some of our services for the overall development of the students with the vision to achieve above mentioned objectives and also would like to mention our future programs in the coming year for the same.

Our Approach


Students watch lectures by experts. ClassIQ is able to provide standardized high-quality education to a wider audience.


Students are given constant feedback and individualized attention, which build up their confidence and helps them learn better.

Competitive learning (CL)

The data from TSA is analyzed & students are encouraged to participate in competitions of their interest twice in a year.

Group Discussions (ABL & SBL)

Students are encouraged to discuss their rationale with peers, making them independent thinkers and team workers.

Talent Search Assessment (TSA)

Students chose their area of interest under the guidance of the parents, school teachers & ClassIQ trainer. Then students undergo Talent Search Assessment under. The data is analyzed & students are encouraged to participate in competitions of their interest.

Mentors at Work

ClassIQ provide domain specific mentors to individual students to nurture their talents.


Schools Impacted


Students Impacted


Districts Impacted

Problems which ClassIQ is addressing

  • Reduce Dropouts Rate: Only 47 of the 100 children enrolled in Class I reach Class VIII, putting the dropout rate in primary and elementary schools at 52.79%. According to official sources, the dropout rate at the primary level (Class I to V) for girls is 33.72% and for boys it is 35.5%.
  • Reduce drug addiction among young & adolescents
  • Girl’s Safety & Empowerment.
  • Providing Quality Education irrespective of region, cast, current family situation of student or any other parameters.

Methodology used to build course curriculum

  • Activity Based Learning (ABL) Approach: It’s proven that a child retain & remember 90% of the things taught in class when the concepts & facts taught through activity.
  • Skill Based Learning (SBL) Approach: To find & nurture the student’s talent through skill up approach & prepare them for their future.