ClassIQ Educational Foundation mainly focuses to provide necessity based education in schools introducing Activity Based Learning method and competition based education to make the children aware of the importance of the education in their life as well as to identify their niche skills and guide them to be successful in their future using their inner talents. During the service period ClassIQ has impacted more than 1 Lac students in the Eastern part of India and also their families with its classroom programs at the schools. It has mainly impacted the areas like development of children’s education in rural areas, Girls’ Education, students’ dropouts and the inclination of schools students towards drugs.

Child Development Education:

For a country like ours where most of the children in rural areas are still deprived of getting the basic education, ClassIQ Education Foundation is trying to provide the primary education to the students in an interesting way of teaching so that students get interested into learning. So the team has introduced the hugely followed Activity Based Learning Method consisting the tailor made courses made by the experts to teach the students to provide the basic education like Mathematics, English Communication, Science, History, Computer education. During the service period of ClassIQ, our team has managed to impact more than one lac students’ lives and has managed to improve students’ willingness to attend schools, intelligent quotient, ability to solve problem.

Girls’ Education and Safety:

ClassIQ Educational Foundation has impacted more than 45000 girl students through its services in various schools of the Eastern India till date. We have managed to make the girls understand the basic need of the education and a significant of growth of nearly 18.37% of girls attending the schools regularly. Many of them are also opting for the higher studies and have also going for the professions which were mainly considered as male dominated in our country. It is also important to state that over 82% of the students are now empowered to say ‘NO’ if someone touches them inappropriately. They now have the courage to seek help if anyone misbehaves with them and that we believe is the women empowerment.

Drugs Addiction of School Students:

ClassIQ Educational Foundation has included a special module in their curricular to stop the inclination of the school students towards the drugs and any addiction as it has been found as major problem in our country among the school students basically in rural areas. Introducing Ayurveda therapy in the modules and Activity Based modules, we have seen a significant growth in the students opting out from any type drugs addiction and attending the schools in regular basis. We are also organizing rehabilitation camp for the students and more than 92% of students are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, consumption of alcohol or intake of drugs in our body.


Student Dropouts:

In rural India over 56% of population do not complete their basic education as education is not considered important. They join their family businesses like farming, carpenting and leave their educations midway to supplement the household income. We at ClassIQ Educational Foundation have introduced a special module of vocational trainings of different industrial courses so that they can earn their job after completion of their education. We are also organizing Professional Skill Building Workshops in the schools. A significant drop of nearly 28% in the dropouts of schools students has been seen in the Eastern states of our country after introducing these tailored made courses in the curricular.