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Thousands of children in the rural areas of our country are deprived of getting the minimum education in their life due to many reasons like financial crisis, lack of infrastructure, lack of good teachers. We at ClassIQ Educational Foundation are trying to make a change in their lives so that they can have a better future tomorrow.

Our team is not only trying to provide education in an interesting way to the students also guiding and mentoring the students according to their inner talents so that they can achieve their goals.

We are looking for new team members who share the same mission like us and bring the change in the children’s life.

Be the Professional Trainer:

Here you will be able to train and mentor the students at their schools regularly and guide them to a better future. You are able to directly interact with the students and also share your knowledge with them to make them achieve their goals. Your inputs will very much enrich their lives and will make them a better and successful persons in the future.

Be the Volunteer:

Basically we all have urge to do some substantial things/changes towards the society but most of the time we are unable to perform that as we do not have the time in our busy professional life. Here for those working professionals who can help the students by spending a weekend with the students in their schools and share their experiences with them. Here you can also create audio/Video lectures for the students in any subject which are taught in schools and make an impact on their lives. Our team is always looking for these type working professionals who are very much passionate to create an impact on the society.

Be the Good Samaritan:

Good Samaritan is an idiom which defines a compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers.We believe that we all have a Good Samaritan in us but many a times we do not find the proper way to help the others. Here you can help the students who are not able to continue their education due to financial crisis. You can provide a full year education to a needy young talented student by only giving an amount of money that you generally spend in booking a pair of movie tickets in a multiplex during weekends. So, help the students to complete their education and be the Good Samaritan.