Our Activities & Programs

Activity Based Learning and Skill Based Learning

We basically try to simplify the subjects with help of different activities in the classrooms so that students can learn in a very interesting and fun loving way. We have our own module for the students of different classes from standard V to Standard X ( contents of the module enclosed in this report) of the subjects they are taught in the school in a activity based program where our trainers teach them first the objectives and importance of learning the particular chapter. Then students are advised to finish some activities or tasks related to the chapter so that they easily memorize the things in a hassle free manner. We sometimes use the audio visual medium also to teach the students by showing them related videos to the subjects and then help them in learning in a simpler way. This has been well received by the students in the last year and we have seen a very response in turning into ratios of the students in our classes.

Competition based Learning

We have introduced competition based learning to gather participation of students as we believe it always better to have a healthy competitive attitude among the students to achieve their goals in future. We basically organise two competitions in a year consisting both academic subjects like Bengali, English, Mathematics, Science as well as other co curricular activities like Drawing, Story writing, Puzzle etc to help students grow in both academics and other activities also. We have seen huge amount of participation in the last events and hoping to organise these competitions in a bigger way so that students can be benefited at the most.

Guided Sports Activity (GSA)

We have introduced Sports activity classes in the schools to benefit the students not only in physical attributes but also in other fields like increasing concentration, increasing team management skills, increasing leadership qualities, increasing awareness towards drug addiction etc. In association with Soma’s School of Sports and the guidance of our mentors Sri Gautam Sarkar and Smt. Soma Biswas we have built a sports module for the students basically in the events like Athlete and Football for the first phase of the program so that students can take interest in the field of sports and they can be guided under the best of the Sports persons of our Country. Many students do have the potential to do god in the field of sports but do not get the proper guidance in their lives. We along with our mentors are trying to nurture the talents and provide them a platform so that they can achieve big. we generally organise workshops in the schools with the help of our mentors and provide a sports activity class every week in some particular schools where a trained professional sports trainer guides the interested students.

Guided Cultural Activity (GCA)

Guided Cultural Activity classes have been implemented in the schools with the association with our mentor Smt. Satarupa Sanyal, eminent Film maker and Social Activist, and her organisation Scud Society for Social Communication for the last one year with the objective of finding the hidden talents among the students and provide them a platform. We generally provide one class a week for each school where a professional cultural trainer takes this classes where students are taught singing, acting, dancing , crafting in a very interesting way where students are participated in different types of activities like painting, making some models with household things etc. Students are also screened different types movies in the classrooms to generate interest in the field of Cultural Activities. We have seen immense response in the cultural activity class in the past both from students and the school teachers and will try to engage more number students in this field in the coming years.

Physical Education Card Training Program

Apart from introducing Sports Activity Classes among the students from standard V to standard X, we are now planning to introduce physical education card training program for primary schools and SSKs’ (An initiative of District Administration, British Council and UNICEF). The module has been developed for the students of standard I to Standard IV by UNICEF and British Council with the objective to spread awareness of sports among the students and teach the students in activity based learning program. The trainer are provided with the module in each school where they will be teaching the students as per the module and the growth of the students will be tracked in regular intervals. The trainers will be trained by Our Sports mentor Sri Gautam Sarkar and Sri Soma Biswas along with the other renowned coaches of our country so that they can guide the students and make them aware of the importance of sports in daily life from a very early age.