‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’- Nelson Mandela

Education is not just obtaining some scores printed on a paper called mark sheet; it is the total process of learning and teaching. As stated in Bhagwat Geeta, ‘change is the law of universe’. Here we are with some changes, introducing certain modern techniques and ideas of teaching-learning process bridging the gap between the demands of new age knowledge seekers and the supply of traditional teaching methods.

Our concept regarding education is not limited to the lectures given inside the confinement of four walls and the printings on books; we concentrate on the practical aspects as well that the students can actually apply in reality what they learn in the classrooms.

‘Education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’- William Butler Yeats.

Main Insight


The main aim of the process is to provide the benefits of activity based learning and digital education to school students from rural areas of West Bengal (India). We have been training the students to make them prepare for Modern Upgraded Education system and also to provide proper knowledge & awareness about social environment. We are associated with nearly 100 schools having approximately 95000 students spreading over 9 districts of our state with a vision to bring out the inner talents of these children and to exhibit it to the world we had taken our organization’s own periodical broadsheet which will be a platform to publicize these talents.


The Main Services of the process are:


1.Simplifying School Education through Activity & Skill Based Learning  Methodology.

2.Girls’ Safety and empowerment.

3.Child Development Education.

4. Rehabilitation Camp for Drugs Addiction of School Students.

5.Students’ Dropout problem solutions.

6.Smart Lab Education through Audio and Visual Classes.

7.Provides all Study material.

8.region wise talent hunt competitions.

money-not hurdle
We do not want money to be a hurdle for you:

In a country like ours almost 44% of children from rural areas are forced to leave their studies midway as their families are unable to provide the expenses of their education. Thus we are losing thousands of young talents daily. This gives birth to the major problems like Child labor,School Drop outs in our country. So, ClassIQ Educational Foundation has taken an oath to support the children so that money will not be a hurdle for the young talents to achieve their goals.

  • merit scholarship up to Rupees 15,00,000(fifteen lac) only to the students enrolled in ClassIQ (WB region) based on
    • Criteria: Studies and discipline,
      sports and others,
      all rounder performances
    • Parameter: each class,academic record,
      sports conducted by ClassIQ,
      studies conducted by ClassIQ and
      co-curriculum activities conducted by ClassIQ.
    • Ranks shall on: Best at school level,
      Best at district level,
      Best regional level,
      State level student toppers
      tops 5 all rounder performers
  • Book scholarships based on performance in each class
  • Scholarships for the underprivileged students( to be decided by the management)
Proofs of your extra-ordinary talents (you have to achieve it): Competitions:

We at ClassIQ Educational Foundation believe that every student is special. Every student has some unique talents but it is very unfortunate that in our country most of the students are unable to showcase their skills to the greater world as they do not find any platform. Team ClassIQ has introduced a new way of competitive education in the schools for all the standards to give the students a chance to showcase their niche skills.

  • Mathematics competition: অঙ্ক-আনন্দ
  • Bengali Grammar competition: পরিচিত বঙ্গভাষা
  • Quiz competition: জ্ঞানের আমি জ্ঞানের তুমি
  • Essay competition: রচিতরচনা
  • Story writing competition: মুক্তকলম
  • Extempore competition: ভাবপ্রকাশ
  • Geography competition: আশ্চর্য পৃথিবী
  • Drawing competition: ক্যানভাসের দুনিয়া
  • Handwriting competition: লেখনীশিল্প
  • Dictations: শ্রুতিলেখক
  • Sports: football, 100 meter races.

It has 4 stages:

# school level
#district level
#regional level
#state level

Current Affairs: Knowledge Beyond the Syllabus

Teaching about world, national, state, and local happenings needs to involve active, participative learning rather than passive learning.

Why bother teaching current events? The research indicates that a regular dose of current events has a multitude of benefits. Education in the light of present-day knowledge and need calls for some spirited and creative innovations both in the substance and the purpose of current pedagogy. Studies indicate that elementary and high school students are not intrinsically interested in current events.

So we, the ClassIQ Educational Foundation people are just trying to create the awareness in the students that the study beyond their syllabus, i.e. the knowledge of current affairs will make the differences. At the core of the proposed study is devising teaching strategies that encourage newspaper reading among students and hone their critical thinking skills and using that as a vital resource to further the understanding of current topics around them to make them up-to-date. It is true that study habits are not formed overnight and setting aside one period or stipulated time cannot achieve the intended results. So for tangible results to be achieved overtime, integrating study skills into everyday classroom transaction is desirable.

Our classroom study module for this purpose is included the current global topics, like, Cancer Awareness, Arsenic Poisoning, Global Warming and much more. We are ultimately trying to make the entire exercise something that ‘ought to be done’ rather than something that students like and do on their own accord.

Come on Boards, we are ready:
  • All students appearing for secondary and Higher secondary examinations shall be provided with ABTA test papers.
  • The ones enrolled in ClassIQ Educational Foundation shall be provided with the guidance of renowned teachers for Boards.
Education through Modern Devices:
  • Those days are gone when classroom teaching only meant blackboards, chalks, diagrams, maps and so on. But now the modern classroom is very much different than this. Now classroom is adapting itself with modern digital technology. We, the ClassIQ Educational Foundation people are incorporating the technology of mobile devices and SMART classroom designs to enhance the interest of the students and to engage them in educational activities. Our trainers in each school are provided with mobile devices like laptops, tablets, which enhance the experience of education. They can improve their teaching ability through video lessons and that helps the student in faster learning process.
School is always the second home and family:
  • Grant of total Rupees 5,00,000 for top performing schools
  • Every year the Schools shall be ranked based on:
    • District level
    • Regional level
    • State level
    • 5 best affordable schools
  • Parameters:
    • Participation of School authority in ClassIQ
    • Participation of the school students in classIQ
    • Academic record of the students of the schools.
    • Performance in schools in sports conducted by ClassIQ.
    • Performance in studies conducted by ClassIQ.
    • Co-curricular activities conducted by ClassIQ.
Where there is a problem, there we are:
  • Alternative faculty: In the absence of the school faculty in school CLASS IQ Educational Foundation will provide trained faculty.
  • Special Class: Special class for secondary and higher secondary students.
  • Certified trainers to train the school faculties with latest education tools designed for effective teaching courses module.
  • Certification courses for teachers.Certification Course on Basic Computer (CC-BC).
  • Certificate Course English Communication.(CC-EC).
We believe in Devi inside every girl:

ClassIQ Educational Foundation has been addressing one of the major problems like gender inequality and the safety of the girls in our country from its beginning. We believe that every girl is like DEVI and we want to provide all the necessities to them by our services. In a country where girls are not attending even primary schools, we try to make them aware of attending the schools so that number of child marriages can be decreased and we are also introducing various types of self-defense modules focusing the girls’ safety in our course curricular.

  • i. Self Defense.
  • Physical awareness.
Communication of achievement is necessary:
  • Half Yearly magazines: Special edition for each school.
  • Quarterly web Journal: Covering the development of the students.
  • Distribution of magazine: Throughout the west Bengal schools and industrial offices.
  • Top performers: Each schools top performer will be highlighted, in the magazines.